来源:    日期:2009-08-18

  应对危机 共享机遇 创新发展


  在此之际,由已经举办了十二届的“生物医药产业发展论坛”和举办了4届的“中国生物医药发展峰会”强强联合打造的“北京国际生物医药产业发展论坛•2009”以“应对危机 共享机遇 创新发展”为主题,将于2009年11月4日至8日在北京世纪金源大饭店隆重举行,主要围绕区域发展、研发服务业、技术转移、生物医药产业投融资、仿制药、医药招标采购政策等议题展开讨论。我们诚邀您光临本次论坛,与国内外政界、学界、企业界同仁共同探讨在金融危机的大背景下,生物医药产业发展的机遇与挑战。我们相信您的参与一定会给论坛带来更大的成功!

  The year of 2009 is a good for the biopharmaceutical industry. The industry in Beijing is ushering in precious historic opportunities as various favorable policies come out such as the adoption of national policies on the reform of healthcare system, the steady implementation of the policy of expanding domestic demand, the adoption of Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of Biopharmaceutical Industry by the State Council, and the launch of Plan on Building Beijing Through Science and Technology, the accelerated construction of state independent-innovation demonstration zone in Zhong Guan Cun, the formulation of Implementation Proposal for Beijing to Carry out National Policies on Biopharmaceutical Industry as well as the formulation of Implementation Proposal for Beijing to Rejuvenate Its Biological and Pharmaceutical Industries. Meanwhile, the biopharmaceutical industry is becoming an emerging industry of strategic significance that involves the interests of the nation and its people as a combined result of evolving society and economy over the globe, changing diseases, ageing population, changing concepts about health, improving healthcare systems all over the world, increasing demand for strategic reserve, and expanding consumption on healthcare year after year. Therefore, to develop the healthcare industry has become a crucial project that holds a stake on the health of billions of people in China.

Under such circumstances, the Beijing International Healthcare Industry Forum 2009 will be held during Nov. 5th -7th at Empark Grand Hote, Beijing by hosts of previous sessions of Healthcare Industry Forums and four sessions of China Healthcare Development Summit, under the theme “Tackle the Financial Crisis, Share Opportunities, and Seek Innovative Development”. The forum will touch on hot topics including regional development, R&D service industry, technology transfer, investment and financing in biopharmaceutical industry, generic drugs, and bid inviting and purchasing policies in biopharmaceutical industry. We sincerely would like to invite you to attend the HIF 2009, to join the discussion on the opportunities and challenges for biopharmaceutical industry in face of financial crisis, with experts home and abroad from political, academic, and business circles. We believe that the H